Sandy Creek Manor

Straight from the hives to you. This is the best honey you'll ever try!

The Benefits of SCM Honey

We bring you the purest honey straight from the hives. Our raw honey is not heated, filtered or doctored in any way. Unlike those farmers who open feed their bees with sugar syrup all summer, our bees strictly forage off local plants.

Raw honey crystalizes faster than pasteurized honey because of the pollen, enzymes and other naturally occurring materials in the honey. When honey is pasteurized, it is filtered to removed these 'contaminants' and heated to allow the honey to stay liquid longer. Because our raw honey solidifies, we use heat resistant glass jars to allow you to gently warm the honey in the microwave or stove to allow it to re-liquify. Plastic bottles would distort and potentially leach hazardous chemicals into the honey.

We keep our bees in Hamlin all year long. We don't send our bees south for pollination services or overwintering so we can guarantee all our honey is local to the area.

Our Stinger Hot Honey is one of a kind. We use locally grown Habanero, Ghost, Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers to make this amazing mix of sweet and heat. We use our raw honey and infuse it directly with chilies. There is no further processing or additives in our honey. Unlike the national brands which use vinegar to keep their honey liquid longer, we only have two ingredients; honey and chilies.

Sandy Creek Manor is a veteran owned and operated business. A portion of all sales is used to help veterans in our community.

We try to offer the best shipping rated possible for our honey. Due to the weight of honey and the glass jars, we have found the cheapest way to ship is via USPS Flat Rate shipping. We also offer free shipping for orders over $100 (excluding tax).

For smaller orders, head over to our Facebook page where you can find $8 shipping on single jar orders.


We are located in the middle of western New York's apple country. This gives our bees an early start collecting nectar from apple blossoms in the spring followed by the Black Locust trees in early June. The rest of the year, our bees enjoy whatever crops the local farmers happen to plant that year. Here's hoping for alfalfa and squash!


1960 Redman Rd, Hamlin, NY 14464